Just Breathe

I had finally gotten the chance to sit down and put my feet up when my son said, “Mommy your hair feels cool.”  Unfortunately his hand was on my leg and not my head. This innocent statement reminded me of yet something else I hadn’t been able to accomplish.

Taking care of me.

Friends told me I needed a spa day; to be pampered, wrapped in a soft white robe and catered to, doled upon and massaged.  Others suggested I get away and have a vacation all alone so I could re-group and come home refreshed.

I knew exactly what I needed to do.

I needed to breathe.


Being a mom of 4 sons can be draining.  Besides feeling invisible, my speech became staccato, filled with unfinished sentences, “Don’t do that you’ll…,” and “You’re going to get…,” and then “It’s going to break…, Would you just stop!”  Sons can be very impulsive, not taking a moment to consider consequences of their actions. I was constantly on my toes, ready for action and I felt my job was to keep them from harm or harming others.


For the most part that was true.

Looking back I realize I was on the front lines of battle, my own personal mission field. Truly, what could be better than to raise 4 men to be strong in the Lord and to follow in His footsteps? My mission opportunity was in my own home and I didn’t even realize it.

Mission field workers need to be prepared. You need to have ammunition. You need to have strength, endurance, perseverance.

And you need to breathe.

Jesus laid out the directive of being refreshed. Many times He broke away to be alone and to pray.  I should have put down the vacuum and dust rag, broke out my bible and tried to absorb some of His Words of refreshment.  Shoes by the door, baskets of laundry, and spider webs along the ceiling should have been ignored, instead I should have sat and basked in prayer.


My children are older now (PRAISE GOD!!!). I’m in the process of allowing myself time to relax, to refresh, and to breathe.  My fervent prayer is that you do the same.


4 thoughts on “Just Breathe

  1. ngladwin60 says:

    I know there are things I should have said and done while raising two daughters. The home movies I’ve been editing lately remind me our home was filled with laughter, creativity, I allowed them to wear my dresses and play dress up, there were so many reminders of soft, pleasant days. What handsome men your sons have become, sitting around your table, smiling. You have done well.


    1. Nancy. Every piece I have read that you have written has been overflowing with love for your children and family. Thank you so very much for your affirmation of the work God has done through me. I’m just glad I survived their feats.


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