Hope in a Jar

She was desperate and broken.

She dreams about a new way to live.  She needed healing. She needed forgiveness.

She needed hope.

She heard stories about the man who healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, and made the lame walk.  He could heal her.  He could restore her. But how could she get near him?

Those disciples who traveled with him-they wouldn’t let her, a sinful woman, enter their holy circle.  He was so special, so unique, so very perfect and so clean. She was none of those things.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she rocked back and forth, holding herself and longing for hope.  She felt only despair.  She had nothing to give, no way to get his attention, no money to bargain with.

Through eyes blurred with tears she saw the jar across the room. The jar filled with pure nard so fragrant the scent filled the room. The scent filled her soul as an idea sprang within her heart.

Maybe she could use the perfume to gain entrance to Jesus.  She heard the whispers near the well just that afternoon, He was planning to eat with Lazarus and his friends at Bethany.

With nothing to lose, she picked up the jar and headed for the only one who could turn her life around.

She walked towards hope.

Story based on Matthew 26:6-13

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